Watch As Migrants Flood The Border, Say Crime In Venezuela Is Too Severe

[Daily Caller]

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The Daily Caller’s Juan Mendoza and Jorge Ventura visited La Joya, Texas, to continue documenting the border crisis, speaking with a group of Venezuelan migrants who described the troubles in their native country.

A woman who arrived with a group of approximately ten other individuals said they fled Venezuela due to high inflation. The unidentified woman described how there is no food or water in Venezuela, and the water that is available is not suitable for drinking. She also explained the government lied about having coronavirus vaccines.

The woman cited the high crime in the nation as another reason for making the dangerous trek to the southern border. (RELATED: Highly Skilled Workers Migrating From Venezuela Increasingly Turn Up At US Border)

The woman was part of a group of migrants that immediately turned themselves in to officials upon arriving in the U.S..

Other footage captured by the Daily Caller shows Custom and Border Protection (CBP) agents apprehending a large group of migrants.

Mendoza explained how some of the migrants were wearing wristbands that either said “arrival” or “deliveries” and removed the bands prior to turning themselves into CBP. Mendoza said cartels can make upwards of $8,000 per migrant that is smuggled and can rake in anywhere between $12-$14 million daily smuggling people across the border.

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