Judge Rejects Britney Spears’ Request To Remove Her Father As Conservator Of Her Estate


Greg Price Contributor
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A California judge on Wednesday rejected pop icon Britney Spears’ request to have her father removed as sole conservator of her estate.

“The conservator’s request to suspend James P. Spears immediately upon the appointment of Bessemer Trust Company of California as sole conservator of estate is denied without prejudice,” the court documents say.

Spears’ court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham III filed the request to remove her father Jamie Spears from the role back in November 2020, stating that his client was “afraid of her father” and asked the court to replace him with financial company Bessemer Trust.

The pop legend has also said she would not perform again until her father is removed as conservator.

“I shouldn’t be in a conservatorship if I can work and provide money and work for myself and pay other people,” Spears told Judge Brenda Penny last week in a 24 minute testimony to the court, while adding that her father loved to “control” her life.

“What state allows people to own another person’s money and account and threaten them in saying, ‘You can’t spend your money unless we do what we want you to do?,” Spears also said.

Jamie Spears has been her co-conservator since 2008, when the singer suffered a public breakdown and he became sole conservator in 2019 after attorney Andrew Wallet resigned from co-conservatorship. (RELATED: Britney Spears Blasts Paparazzi During Maui Vacation, Tells Them To ‘F*ck Off’ For Reportedly Distorting Her Body)

Spears also recently opened up about the abuse and mental anguish she has suffered locked in the conservatorship with her father, who she said also forces her to keep an IUD inside her, preventing her from having children.

“My life seems to look and be pretty amazing… I don’t want people to think my life is perfect because IT’S DEFINITELY NOT AT ALL,” Spears said on Instagram.

“And if you have read anything about me in the news this week … you obviously really know now it’s not!” Spears continued. “I apologize for pretending like I’ve been ok the past two years … I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me,” Spears added.