Tour de France Crasher Reportedly Arrested

(Screenshot/Lanterne Rouge via YouTube)

Andrew Jose Contributor
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Police arrested the cardboard sign-holding spectator who caused a series of bicycle crashes during the first stage of the Tour de France, sources familiar told Reuters on Sunday.

The 30-year-old French woman was posing for a camera Saturday, with a sign reading “allez opi omi,” when cyclist Toni Martin rode into the sign and fell, leading to a domino effect of riders falling off their bikes, as previously reported. Authorities had been searching for her before she turned herself in. (FLASHBACK: Totally Oblivious Fan Sets Off Gruesome Bike Crash During Tour De France)

She faces accusations of causing injury involuntarily and endangering the lives of others, according to Reuters. The woman is being held at a police station in Landerneau, Brittany, the outlet reported.


“We are suing this woman who behaved so badly,” Tour de France Deputy Director, Pierre-Yves Thouault, told AFP, France 24 reported. “We are doing this so that the tiny minority of people who do this do not spoil the show for everyone,” Thouault said.

The lady’s actions resulted in Tour de France’s organizers having to warn fans to “respect the safety of the riders” and to not “risk everything for a photo or to get on television!” The incident led to the race being delayed by five minutes, according to France 24.

Though Martin returned to the competition after the incident, Germany’s Jasha Sutterlin withdrew, and one bike suffered complete damage.  About eight cyclists had to be treated for grazes, bruises, and cuts, the lady caused, according to France 24.