Man Allegedly Spikes Ice Cream With Rat Poison, Serves To His Children In India

Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

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A man in Mumbai, India, allegedly served ice cream contaminated with rat poison to his three children, one of whom has since died, while the other two are seriously ill, Wednesday reports show.

A 27-year-old Ali Naushad Ansari reportedly had a strained relationship with his wife. After yet another quarrel stemming from a financial disagreement between the spouses, Ansari’s wife left home to stay with her sister, India TV reported. Following the departure of his wife, the suspect took their three kids — two boys and a girl — out, saying that he would treat them to some ice cream. He then allegedly mixed rat poison into the food to take revenge for his wife’s temper tantrum, police said, according to India TV.

Upon returning home, the mother took the kids to a local hospital for treatment, as they were complaining of stomach pain. Her 6-year-old son died at the government-run Sion Hospital Tuesday, after which doctors alerted local police to the incident, the report says. (RELATED: REPORT: FDA Recalls Ice Cream That May Contain Metal Shards)

At first, the mother claimed that the children accidentally consumed the poison, but then decided to testify against her husband.

The Mankhurd Police Station has started investigation into the incident after having elicited accounts of the event from the two surviving children, Zee News reported.

Ansari has been missing since June 25 and remains at large, according to India TV.