This Multipurpose Cutter Provides Versatility And Utility For Everyday Use

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From multi-faceted smartphones to cars that can drive themselves — today’s technology makes many of life’s tedious tasks infinitely easier. And while you may have thought pocket knives couldn’t have advanced that much over the last decade, the multi-purpose gadget, also known as the RAZOR, definitely proves otherwise.

Whether you need to pry open a box that just arrived in the mail or need to cut a strip of leather for your latest DIY project, the RAZOR is just the man for the job. “Not your average box cutter,” this gadget is immensely helpful to have on hand. Made of 440C black stainless steel, the RAZOR boasts one of the strongest nano blades ever created by mankind. Ideal for thin, precision-based slices, the tool’s blade can cut a wide range of materials, and even has bomber signature perforations that prevent anything from sticking to it, which ensures it makes the cleanest cuts possible.

Small enough to carry around in your pocket, wallet, or a compartment in your car, the RAZOR is always easy to take with you anywhere, and it weighs practically nothing at less than two ounces. Whether you use it for little odds and ends around the house or outdoors on hikes or camping trips, the versatile tool is designed to withstand the elements with a highly durable and corrosion-resistant build.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the RAZOR is continuing to impress people all over the world with its versatility, portability, and strong make. And to ensure everyone who uses the RAZOR is completely satisfied, its manufacturer, Bomb & Company, a San Franciso-based industrial urban product design company, always gives customers a full lifetime guarantee. And since it’s crafted and packaged right here in the U.S., in environmentally friendly factories, it leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

For a limited time, the RAZOR is discounted to just $29.99, a nearly 15% discount off its regular price.

Prices subject to change.


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