Employee Bear Hugs Deer That Gained Entry Into Walmart

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Inside Edition)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Wild video has surfaced of an employee at Walmart reportedly tackling and then taking down a deer that somehow had gained entry into the store.

In video that surfaced online, we see what happened in Barboo, Wisconsin, where an employee had to be quick on her feet and ended up pinning a deer to the ground and holding it there after the animal had wandered into the store, Fox 10 Phoenix reported in a piece published Thursday.(RELATED: ‘I’m Going To Go Ahead And Move Forward’: Fox News Reporter Reacts As A Bear Runs Through Live Shot)


The wild clip shows what happened right after the employee had managed to wrangle the deer on the floor and restrain it.(RELATED: Man Sleeping In His Backyard Gets Quite The Surprise When Bear Wakes Him Up)

In the video, it is clear the animal struggled to break free of her hold several times. But the employee bear hugged it and managed to keep the deer right there. (RELATED: Bear Chases Its Owner Down The Street In Wild Video From Russia)

The outlet noted, the deer was later “safely” released outside the store. Luckily, no one was injured during the whole crazy ordeal, local media outlets reported.