Man Successfully Defends Himself Against Woman Using Metal Bottle

Screenshot/Andy Ngo/Twitter

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A man appeared to defend himself in Los Angeles with a water bottle after an individual tried to kick him, according to a Saturday video posted by Andy Ngo.

The man appeared to defend himself against the woman and hit her in the head with an orange water bottle. The woman then ran away. (RELATED: Protest Erupts Following Alleged Penis Exposure By Transgender Woman At Spa)

Someone off-camera said, “piece of shit” right before a woman attacked a man wearing a shirt that said “Roof Korean.”

“What the fuck,” someone else said.


The man wearing the “Roof Korean” shirt said several times to a police officer, “She came up and kicked me.”

The woman told the police officer to look at the man’s bottle that he used to hit her. “Look at his bottle,” she said. “He bashed it on my head.”

The man wearing the “Korean Roof” said, “Watch the video. She came up and kicked me.”

“No, you’re lying,” someone off-camera said.

Another man off-camera shouted, “How did that happen?”

“Because she came up and kicked me,” the man wearing the “Korean Roof” shirt said.

Several people off camera told the man wearing the “Korean Roof” shirt to “fuck off” and shouted, “You fucking coward. Hit a man, you fucking bitch.”