Joe Concha Goes After The ‘Woke Mob’ At The New York Times For Calling The American Flag ‘Divisive’

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Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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Fox News contributor Joe Concha criticized the “woke mob” at The New York Times (NYT) for an article calling the American flag “divisive” Sunday.

On Saturday, the NYT published an opinion article entitled, “A Fourth of July Symbol Of Unity That May No Longer Unite.” The author claims that the flag is an indicator of political affiliation, as “supporters of former President Donald J. Trump have embraced the flag so fervently.” (RELATED: The New York Times Defends Mara Gay’s Comments About American Flag And White Trump Supporters)

In a Fox News segment that aired Sunday, Joe Concha addressed the controversial article. He said the “woke mob” that runs the NYT is expressing a sentiment that is centered among the far left.

“The more moderate, the more sane democrats can’t possibly get behind something like this. It’s a lot like ‘defund the police.’ The far-left wing of the party, the AOC, the squad wing, they believe that. But if you’re a more moderate Democrat — the kind that voted for Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, no you don’t believe that at all.”

Concha concluded by calling the NYT a “paper of propaganda.” He pointed out that the NYT has published several other radically left articles, one of which questioned whether the national anthem itself was racist.

The Fox News host interviewing Concha stated that the article, and others like it, is hopefully just an indicator that newsrooms are increasingly out of touch, rather than revealing a “sentiment … across the nation.”