Legendary Dad Drops Baby Daughter To Catch Baseball Barehanded Then Scoops Her Up Mid-Air

Screenshot. Twitter @Zoo757.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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An Arizona Diamondbacks fan caught a foul baseball one-handed while holding his baby in one hand and a beer in the other during a New York Giants game Sunday.

“This is the most amazing dad shit I’ve ever seen,” Zooted Spitwell, @Zoo757 tweeted. “Dude let the baby go, caught the ball, recovered the baby mid-air, only spilled a drop of beer and the baby didn’t drop the bottle. Legendary!”

With his left hand, the fan dropped the child, reached towards the ball to make the catch and then caught the child mid-fall. He held the beer in his right hand the whole time.

The man snatched the foul ball before the fans behind him, holding baseball gloves, tried catching it. (RELATED: Fan Catches Baseball With One Hand During The College World Series, Slams His Beer To Celebrate)

The Diamondbacks lost to the Giants 5-2, trailing 5-0 in the sixth before rallying at the bottom of the ninth.

The Diamondbacks will play the Rockies Tuesday at Chase Field for a three-game series. They’ll then play the Dodgers in Los Angeles Friday before the All-Star break.