Sean Astin Expects Amazon’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Series To Be ‘Amazing’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Sean Astin thinks Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” series will be great.

Amazon is dropping several hundred million dollars on the first season of the highly-anticipated series, and it’s going to be the most expensive season of television ever produced. Well, the star of the original movies has very high hopes for what awaits fans. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)

Astin told ComingSoon.net the following about the upcoming series in a recent interview:

I think Amazon was great to do it. I fully predicted in 2002, that it would be in 2020, 2021, that they would reboot it. I was specific about it and people asked how it could be so sure, and I said, ‘Because I have that foresight.’ No, because I know in a generation, people want to experience what they love again. I’ve always been a big one to support sequels and remakes and particularly of classics. A lot of people think, why would you want to remake a classic? The good news is the classic will always remain. So maybe somebody will do something interesting, and if it stinks, don’t watch it. But I have every expectation that this Lord of the Rings adaptation is going to be amazing. It’s been a long time in the making, really talented people working on it, and it only helps people remember 20 years ago when we brought out our version of Lord of the Rings. So it’s good for everyone when stuff like that happens. I think that’s my personal opinion.

I have no idea what the upcoming series will be like, but I know expectations are absolutely through the roof. They couldn’t be higher.

Everyone who is a “LOTR” fan expects Amazon’s series to be incredible. You can’t spend roughly half a billion dollars for a series that doesn’t turn out to be awesome.

If you drop that kind of cash, then it better be damn good.

Plus, “Lord of the Rings” already has a gigantic fanbase. The books from J.R.R. Tolkien are some of the most popular books ever written as we follow Frodo and the crew as he attempts to destroy the ring.

There is no official release date yet for Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” series, but I’ll make sure to keep you all updated once I know. It should be a great time!