‘Human Suffering’: Republican Gov. Declares July ‘Victims Of Communism Month’

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Republican Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts has designated July as the Victims of Communism Remembrance Month, a Wednesday report shows.

Ricketts’ announcement coincided with celebratory events in China dedicated to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 100th anniversary, Fox News reported.

“The Chinese Communist Party is recognizing their 100th anniversary, and they are going to talk about all the things the Chinese Communist Party has done in a very positive light. But it’s also important to remember that whenever communism has been implemented across this world, what he have seen is a lot of human suffering,” the governor told Fox News. (RELATED: American Media Outlets Woo At China’s 100th Anniversary Celebration)

The communist regime in China is still committing atrocities, including the Uyghur genocide, inhumane treatment of Tibetans, people in Hong Kong and persecution of religious groups like Falun Gong, Ricketts said.

He also added that apart from human rights violations, the CCP engages in intellectual property theft, posing a threat to the safety of people living beyond the confines of the country controlled by the communist party.

“For those on the left who don’t think communism’s a bad thing, go look at history,”  he said. “We can see case after case after case, and it’s one of the reasons I wanted to declare July as victims of communism month to really remind people of the horrible things that have happened under communism everywhere it’s been implemented.”

“People need to understand it is really fundamentally against what we stand for here in America. In America our aspirations are to uphold the individual and to allow for human flourishing. And that’s not what communism’s about,” the governor asserted.