Poll: Majority Of Americans Say ‘Others’ Besides Biden Are Directing Policy Agenda In White House

Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

Greg Price Contributor
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A poll released Tuesday found that a significant majority of Americans believe that President Joe Biden is not fulfilling the duties of his office.

The survey of 1,086 likely general election voters was conducted by Atlanta-based polling firm Trafalgar Group in conjunction with Convention of States Action from June 23-25, 2021 and has a 2.97% margin of error.

When asked if they believed Biden was fulfilling the duties of his office, 56.5% of respondents said they believed “others” besides the president were directing the policy and agenda in the White House, 36.4% said that he was directing all policy and agenda, and 7.1% said they weren’t sure.

Among Democrats, 58.6% responded that they believe Biden is fully executing the duties of his office in comparison to the 83.6% of Republicans and 58.4% of Independents who said otherwise.

Only 11% of Republicans and 31.7% of Independents said they believed Biden is calling the shots in the White House.

Biden’s critics have consistently pointed to his lack of public appearances in comparison to other members of the administration as evidence that others beside the president are running the White House.

The president’s critics have also routinely called into question his cognitive abilities, pointing to incidents such as Biden having to refer to note cards July 3 in order to answer a question about Russia.

Thirteen Republican lawmakers, along with former White House physician Ronny Jackson, also recently called on Biden to take a cognitive test. (RELATED: Joe Biden Has Waited Longer To Hold A Press Conference Than Any President Since World War I)

Trafalgar had the second lowest average error in the 2020 election according to FiveThirtyEight and was one of the few polling firms that showed former President Donald Trump winning Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2016.