‘THEY ARE NOT AFRAID!’: Trump Shows Support For Cuban Protesters

(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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Former President Donald Trump showed his support for Cuban protesters, saying in a Monday statement, “THEY ARE NOT AFRAID!”

“Big demonstrations are breaking out in Cuba and Miami in protest of the Communist Cuban Government (although today there are zero protesters in Cuba—you know what that means!),” Trump wrote.

The 45th President added that he stands with the Cuban people “100% in their fight for freedom.”

“The Government must let them speak and be free! Joe Biden MUST stand up to the Communist regime or—history will remember. The Cuban people deserve freedom and human rights! THEY ARE NOT AFRAID!”

Trump went after former President Barack Obama as well, saying Obama attended baseball games with Castros while they “imprisoned, beat, and killed Cuban people.” Obama sat next to communist dictator Raul Castro at the MLB exhibition game in Cuba, held between the Cuban National Team and the Tampa Bay Rays.

He also claimed President Joe Biden and the Democrats had campaigned on reversing his “very tough stance on Cuba.”

Thousands of protesters marched throughout Cuba on Sunday, voicing their frustration against the country’s communist regime and at their lack of access to basic needs. Cubans in over 32 cities reportedly protested, chanting, “Freedom! “Down with Communism!” and “Patria y Vida.” (RELATED: Anti-Government Protests Erupt Throughout Cuba, Demanding Freedom)

The demonstrators reportedly demanded access to food, medicine, vaccines and the end of communism.

Julie Chung, acting assisting secretary for the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Affairs, claimed the protests are a response to COVID-19 cases and deaths, despite the cries of “freedom.” Cuban citizens previously accused the Communist Party of cutting their internet access and preventing them from leaving their homes during the Cuban Communist Party Congress’ four-day session in April, according to Reuters.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel reportedly blamed the protests on the U.S. He claimed the U.S. purposely limited Cuba’s access to essential goods to “provoke a social uprising” in order to justify military intervention, The Miami Herald reported.