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Joel Kaplan On Why It’s Worth Quitting Your 9-To-5 Job And Starting Your Own Business

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It is not easy leaving the comfort and safety of your 9-to-5 job. However, success can never be earned without taking a few risks. Joel Kaplan is a noteworthy public figure who stands by this mantra. He talks about how quitting your cushy job and going all-in can take you on the most profitable and growth-filled adventure of your life.

Joel Kaplan recognizes and accepts that managing a business is incredibly hard. His early ventures from the past are a living proof of that. Although his first business – Joel K Entertainment – was a success, he could not recreate the same success with his other ventures.

Later on, he went on to get himself a comfortable 9-to-5 job as a Director Of Marketing working with the family who brought Cisco Systems public. Working directly with the billionaire family inspired him. That’s when he knew he had to change his approach and mimic business models proven to work.

This epiphany helped him successfully launch his next venture, an online marketing agency called Atlas Digital. Once it started to take off, he left his job. It was not always smooth sailing for the business as the team made many mistakes along the way. However, Joel Kaplan kept going strong with a determination to learn from failures and change strategies.

This eventually paid off big time. His business today brings in over 7 figures with 100s of clients. Looking back, although his 9-to-5 job helped him grow, quitting was the best thing Joel could have done for himself. After all, he was able to put his experience to work and pursue his dream with more power than he ever thought possible.

His newest ventures, Agency Lab and RISE, coach aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start online marketing agencies and help established online entrepreneurs scale to 7 figures. He concludes that most entrepreneurs fail simply because they don’t believe in themselves. For those entrepreneurs, he says, “believe in the future version of yourself and act as if you are already there”.

Joel Kaplan is essentially saying that without believing in yourself, you cannot expect others to believe in your business. He finds the most important thing to do here is to take time to reconstruct your mindset, character, and values. While quitting your job comes with its risks, the personal freedom and profits will become all worth it. Most importantly, the personal growth as far as who you become as a human being is what it is all about.

At the young age of 29, Joel Kaplan has achieved a lot. He has gained immense satisfaction with a sense of ownership and pride that only comes from working for yourself. Joel Kaplan is now helping other entrepreneurs reach levels of business success where sky’s the limit.