‘Far More Than Just About COVID’: Ana Navarro Cheers Cubans Protesting Regime That ‘Kills, Jails, Beats, Harasses Political Dissidents’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro cheered Cuban protesters during Monday’s broadcast of “The View,” saying they were right to stand up against a dictatorial regime that harshly punished political dissidents.

Navarro, whose family fled Nicaragua amid political unrest in 1980, said that watching the Cuban people take to the streets in protest of the communist regime had made an emotional impact on her. (RELATED: Ana Navarro Says Republicans Won’t Get The COVID-19 Vaccine Because They Want Biden To Fail)


Cohost Whoopi Goldberg noted that the protests in Cuba were the largest in decades, attributing them to the government’s poor response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Gosh, it was — I got really emotional about it yesterday, and Whoopi, I think it’s far more than just about COVID response,” Navarro began. “It’s about freedom, and look, first things first, Cuba is a 62-year regime — dictatorial regime. It kills, jails, beats, harasses political dissidents, it’s been doing so for over 60 years.”

Navarro went on to point out that because Cuba is just 90 miles from the Florida coast, many have jumped at the opportunity to flee oppression and attempt the journey to the United States.

“It’s unprecedented and such a big deal because we have never seen in those 62 years this kind of impromptu protest calling for freedom that spread all over the island,” Navarro continued. “People are not afraid anymore, and I think it’s very important that in this country, we put partisanship aside, and that the international community and the U.S. weigh in and stand in solidarity with the freedom loving people of Cuba.”

Navarro concluded by praising President Joe Biden’s statement in support of Cuban protesters and their “clarion call for freedom,” adding, “It’s very scary right now because internet has been shut off. There’s government forces all over the streets. People are being jailed. So it’s — we have to raise awareness and call for freedom in Cuba.”