‘Don’t Let The Media Gaslight You’: Meghan McCain On Cuba Protests And America’s Symbol Of ‘Democracy And Liberty’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain said “don’t let the media gaslight you,” as she reacted to the massive protests in Cuba and protesters carrying the American flag.

“America is still the shining city on the hill for every freedom loving person fighting for democracy and liberty in the entire world,” the co-host of “The View” shared Tuesday in her post on Instagram. (RELATED: Anti-Government Protests Erupt Throughout Cuba, Demanding Freedom)

“And it will always be,” she added. “Don’t let media gaslight you into believing different.” (RELATED: State Department Official Claims Cuban Anti-Government Protest Are About COVID-19, Not The Communist Regime)


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McCain’s post included a tweet showing protesters in Hong Kong in 2019 against China’s communist regime and one of the anti-communism protesters in Cuba carrying the stars and stripes. (RELATED: ‘I’m Just Going To Rip The Band-Aid Off’: Meghan McCain Announces She’s Leaving ‘The View’)

Thousands of Cubans took to the streets Sunday to express opposition to the government and dictatorship, chanting “Freedom! “Down with Communism!” and “Patria y Vida” (Homeland and Life) in a live Facebook video, as previously reported.

The demonstrators demanded access to basic needs and services like food, medicine, vaccines and an end to communism.