ESPN Is Holding A Town Hall To Address ‘Diversity And Inclusion’ Issues

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN is hoping a town hall helps solve issues at the company.

The popular sports network has been embroiled in multiple controversies surrounding race, and the two biggest are arguably the leaked tape of Rachel Nichols discussing Maria Taylor and Adrian Wojnarowski being accused of stepping on black careers. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

In a memo obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro announced an upcoming town hall focused on “diversity and inclusion.”

He wrote the following in part:

We plan to address diversity and inclusion at an upcoming ESPN town hall later this month, and we will continue to have focused conversations with the Black and African American community at ESPN in the coming weeks. As always, we value an open and honest dialogue.

Change takes time, and I ask for your partnership on this journey. Know that our leadership is committed to accelerating our efforts and working toward a collective goal – an ESPN where everyone feels they belong.

The problems don’t stop coming for ESPN, and the network’s fall from grace over the past few years has been insane to watch unfold.

ESPN went from being an awesome network for sports to essentially becoming a woke propaganda outlet. In response, the network is in free fall.

Generally speaking, the people who white knight the hardest always have the biggest skeletons in the closet. ESPN promoted all this woke nonsense, but behind the scenes, people were clearly having different experiences.

Now, Pitaro is hosting a town hall to help fix the situation. If you ever find yourself hosting a town hall focused on “diversity and inclusion” after multiple scandals, then you know you’re doing something wrong.

I can’t wait to see what problems ESPN runs into next because we all know this is far from over.