Parents Tearfully Reunited With Abducted Son Over 24 Years After His Disappearance In China

(Screenshot/The Sun via YouTube)

Andrew Jose Contributor
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Police in China reunited a couple with their long-lost son in Liaocheng, Shandong province.

A video released by local law enforcement shows 51-year-old Guo Gangtang and his wife Zhang Wenge tearfully embracing their 26-year-old son Guo Xinzhen at an event police organized for the reunion.


Two suspected kidnappers, identified by their surnames Tang and Hu, according to the police ministry, allegedly abducted then 2-year-old Xinzhen from his Shandong province home in 1997, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

The couple allegedly took him to Hebei province, northwest of Shangdong, where a central China couple bought him, according to the ministry. (RELATED: Passenger Train Refuses To Stop At Station In Order To Trap Alleged ‘Kidnapper’ Onboard)

Refusing to give up, Gangtang rode across China, covering over 310,000 miles in his quest to find Xinzhen. He had worn out ten motorbikes as he rode through all but four of the country’s 34 provinces and regions, AP reported.

Gangtang even became an activist, assisting cops with finding other missing kids and reuniting them with their parents. His life story inspired the 2015 film “Lost and Love” featuring Hong Kong actor Andy Lau.


Experts working for the police finally tracked down Xinzhen in June, according to AP. They found him after examining databases for people whose pictures resemble what Xinzhen would have looked like, AP reported. A DNA test that followed confirmed that Xinzhen is indeed Gangtang’s son.

Tang and Hu confessed to their crimes, according to the ministry. They now face punishments that can be as severe as the death penalty.