‘I Don’t Even Know If He Read The Thing’: John Kennedy Says Biden’s Press Release Amounts To Inaction On Cuba

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s press release did not do enough to help the people of Cuba.

Kennedy joined Fox News host Harris Faulkner to talk about the protests that continue in Cuba and the Biden administration’s response to the civil unrest. (RELATED: ‘Maybe He Ought To Buy An Emotional Support Pony’: Sen. Kennedy Says Tony Fauci ‘Needs To Cut The Crap’)


“What’s happening in Cuba is a contradiction for me. It is both beautiful but it also disgusts me to my core,” Kennedy said, explaining that the beautiful part was the Cuban people standing up to their government in pursuit of freedom. He then said that the part that disgusted him was that the people were risking their lives for freedom and Biden’s only response was to issue a press release.

“What I find disgusting is the fact that all President Biden has done is issued a press release. That’s it. I don’t even know if he even read the thing,” Kennedy added. “President Biden needs to be on the telephone calling the leaders of U.K., of Canada, of New Zealand, of Australia, of India, of Japan, of South Korea, all of the European Union and say let’s issue a joint statement supporting the people of Cuba and let’s talk about additional sanctions on the Castro government. We’ve got the Castro government down now and the people have. Let’s choke them to death.”

Kennedy concluded by saying that instead of helping Cuba, Biden was “spreading fairy tales to the American people” about voting rights bills.

“When he says that the Texas voting rights statute is the worst thing that happened to America since the Civil War in which 700,000 Americans were killed, it is a fairytale. He is the only person in the Milky Way who believes that. Either that or he was playing Frisbee in the quad during history 101,” Kennedy said.