‘I Was Disappointed’: Journalist Targeted In Iranian Kidnap Plot Says Biden’s Response Was ‘Not Enough’

Kevin Harness Contributor
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Journalist and activist Masih Alinejad made it clear Wednesday that she was not satisfied with President Joe Biden’s response to the alleged plot to kidnap her.

Alinejad spoke with Fox News host Martha MacCallum about the FBI’s efforts to keep her safe from the Iranian government and the Biden administration’s response to reports that Iran was plotting to have her kidnapped on American soil. (RELATED: FBI Foils Iranian Intelligence’s Plot To Abduct Journalist In New York)


MacCallum began by sharing the White House’s response to the alleged plot, which press secretary Jen Psaki called “dangerous and despicable.”

“Do you feel like these messages are hitting home with the White House? You heard the press secretary there responding to a question about what happened to you,” MacCallum said to Alinejad.

“Not only me, many people within the society are disappointed. Because that actually — the kidnapping plot was a test from the western countries, from the U.S. Government, the Iranian regime actually tried to challenge the authorities in the U.S. soil,” Alinejad replied. “Now the reaction was like they’re calling this law enforcement. This is not law enforcement. This is called kidnapping.”

Alinejad added that she would not be the first journalist to face a similar plot, saying that another journalist had been kidnapped a year earlier and had been executed.

“So they were going to execute me. Now I’m an American citizen as well. So I want the U.S. administration, I want Biden administration to condemn that strongly, to take action. Because if they don’t do that, then the U.S. citizens won’t be safe,” Alinejad concluded. “This is not about me. This is the Islamic Republic trying to threaten American citizens. I think that was not enough. I was disappointed and looking for a strong action.”