‘It Will Be Taken Back In Blood’: UFC Fighter Beneil Dariush Talks To Candace Owens About The Only Way To ‘Get Away From Communism’

(Photo credit: The Daily Wire/Screenshot)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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UFC fighter Beneil Dariush talked about the dangers of communism and how freedom can only “be taken back in blood” once governments gain power freely.

The 32-year-old mixed martial artist, from Iran, spoke to Candace Owens this week on her Daily Wire show about comments he recently made that went viral when he said Marxist ideologies have hurt millions of people. The clip was shared with The Daily Caller on Wednesday. Here’s the link to the episode where you can hear the interview in its entirety. (RELATED: Jorge Masvidal Destroys Communism And The Cuban Dictatorship In Awesome Video)

Beneil Dariush (Photo credit: Daily Wire/Screenshot)

Beneil Dariush (Photo credit: Daily Wire/Screenshot)

“The catalyst to it was Thug Rose,” Dariush explained as he referenced a fellow fighter who had recently said after winning, “Better dead than Red.”

“And her family, I believe, is Lithuanian,” he added. “And she got terrible backlash. And I couldn’t understand it. You don’t want communism. You don’t want this socialism. This is what destroys countries and lives. So I saw how the media played it, saying ‘Communism isn’t an issue in America’ and things like that.”

“The issue is, it’s the way they play with words,” Beneil continued. “You say ‘communism’ and they say ‘Well, we’re not really talking about communism, we’re talking about socialism.’ You say ‘socialism’ and they say ‘Well it’s not that kind of socialism, it’s this.”

The professional fighter said he decided to say “Marxism” because it covers it all” and that really the “only difference between these is one of them is a slower poison that’s going to kill you later on and the other one kills you faster. It’s all the same thing.”

The UFC fighter then opened up about how is wife is Vietnamese and her parents ran away from Marxism and they have told him the stories about people losing their lives in search for freedom. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“The government, once it takes power, nobody takes that away,” Beneil explained. “If it’s gained freely, it will be taken back in blood. That’s the only way to get away from communism, Marxism. It’s proven…you can see it in history.”

And Dariush isn’t the only UFC fighter speaking out against communism. Mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal recently destroyed communism amid anti-government protests in Cuba calling for “Freedom.”