Joy Behar Can’t Understand Why Eric Trump Doesn’t Have A Conservator If Britney Spears Does

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar said Thursday that she didn’t understand why Britney Spears had a conservator and Eric Trump did not.

Behar said on ABC’s “The View” that she was glad to see Spears getting some control of her personal life, even if it was just the freedom to choose her own attorney. (RELATED: ‘I Will Die On This Hill’: Meghan McCain Rips Gwen Berry For Making Her Personal Grievance An International Statement)


Cohost Meghan McCain, who has been very outspoken on Spears’ behalf, argued that the pop singer’s family members were partly to blame for her situation.

“If this were happening to a family member of mine, I would have beaten a door down and done anything possible to remove them from that situation. None of them did enough … Go to hell, everyone,” McCain said, adding that she hoped Spears would ultimately find peace.

“I’m glad that this is going to be over for this girl because there’s something weird about a 39-year-old woman being in this situation,” Behar agreed, turning the conversation to Trump. “Eric Trump is out there acting like an idiot and nobody has him in a conservatorship. I don’t understand the whole thing, frankly.”

“I love that Matt Gaetz is getting involved in this. That is my favorite thing about the Britney Spears story right this minute,” Behar continued.

“He certainly knows what a grifter looks like, darling, out there. He’s under investigation for sex trafficking and he’s sticking his two cents into Britney Spears’ grifter father,” Behar said.

“You can’t make this stuff up after a while. It sounds so ridiculous. But good luck to her. She’s a nice girl. I guess. I don’t know her.”