‘199 Other Places To Deal With First’: Marco Rubio Says US Is The Last Place To Worry About Human Rights Abuses

Kevin Harness Contributor
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Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Thursday that there were 199 other countries that should face human rights investigations before anyone came for the United States.

Rubio spoke with “America Reports” anchors Sandra Smith and John Roberts about Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s request to have the United Nations investigate human rights abuses in America, arguing that the United States was not the problem. (RELATED: ‘Major Failure’ — Rubio Tears Into Biden Administration Over Initial Response To Cuba Protests)


Roberts noted Blinken’s explanation for the investigation was that the United States had to stand up to scrutiny if it was to be an example.

“The basic premise is here, if you want the moral high ground, you need to show transparency. What nation on the planet has been more transparent than the United States when it comes to our history and what goes on here on that daily basis?” Roberts asked.

Rubio began talking about his own record in the Senate on human rights legislation, saying that he had been in favor of a number of bills fighting against human rights abuses all across the world.

“There’s like 199 other countries to worry about human rights before we get to America. In America we have transparency,” Rubio explained.  “We have a press that covers whatever they want and sometimes they lie, sometimes they cover. You do something wrong in America, it’s all over the place. We have a system of courts. People go to jail here because they do things that are not right. So before you get to the human rights record of the U.S., there’s like 199 other places to deal with first.”