Use This Combination Fan And Flashlight On Your Next Camping Adventure

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Eliminate one of the items you need for a camping trip or other outdoor adventure with this device that combines a fan with a flashlight in a simple Outdoor Portable Camping Fan with LED Lights.

This device uses the most current technology to give a device that allows you to use either the fan or the lights on their own, or use them both at the same time. Keep cool inside your tent at night with the fan blowing cool air on you while the 18 LED lights give you all the illumination you need to play cards, read a book or simply hang out with your friends and family.

The fan comes in two modes, with both a low speed to keep the air circulating and a high speed when you really need to cool down. The 18 LED bulbs will give you more light than a traditional flashlight, all in a portable design that makes it easy to move and place wherever you need the light.


The lights can be adjusted so that the right angle is always available. Point them and focus where you need them if you’re reading a book or working on a card game that requires you to see the whole board.

This product runs off of 2 D-cell batteries and is energy efficient. You can get up to 37 hours of power when you just use the lights; 50 hours of power when you use the fan on low speed; 30 hours on high speed; and 16 hours when you use the fan and lights simultaneously.

This is a great device to have at the campground, portable, and easy to carry with you when you need to walk to the bathroom in the dark. It weighs just 1.21 pounds, and the black plastic material is durable and easy to carry.

Normally priced at $69, you can get the Outdoor Portable Camping Fan with LED Lights for a limited time for just $54.95, a savings of 21 percent.

Prices subject to change.


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