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Zachary Laoutides Lists the 4 Most Underrated Soft Skills Everyone Should Develop

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Actor & writer Zachary Laoutides has a long list of achievements under his name. First, he happened to be the winning finalist in the nationwide talent hunt conducted by Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment. Later on, his first production gained critical acclaim and multiple nominations in the 2014 Bel Air Film Festival. To date, Laoutides himself has been nominated as an actor and writer on numerous esteemed platforms, and we suspect this might only be the beginning.

Thus, when we finally had a chance to talk to him, we couldn’t help but ask that he share some of his artistic secrets with us, and he was quick to agree. “Observation is probably the most critical soft skill for anyone to grow as an individual,” noted Zachary Laoutides. “I believe that observing the world critically helps develop creative thinking in all forms while challenging every constraint of a person’s life.”

He further added that habits like self-meditation and accepting criticism play a significant part in building your character. “They give you an eye for detail, chisel your personality, and (if you have the right mindset) they often give you invaluable lessons in humility and more,” said Zachary.

Last but not least, Laoutides also mentioned the importance of encouraging a sense of humor. Zachary Laoutides’ own life has been full of struggles. For instance, the XIX Entertainment project never panned out, and while Zachary has always been a great actor, it was pretty challenging to land significant roles. Even when he started his film studio, he barely had any finances or people backing him up. However, maintaining good humor at such times proved invaluable to his eventual success, and Zachary only remembers the great lessons his positive mindset and quick wit were able to teach him.

Today, Zachary Laoutides is compared to the likes of Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift. He even had nine nominations in London and Rome for his film ‘Black Ruby,’ which got him wins in Los Angeles. He all is set to release his next big project, ‘Where Sweet Dreams Die,’ soon. Considering the tremendous response it has already received pre-production, we cannot wait to see what Zachary Laoutides has in store for us.