‘I’m Not Letting This Man Walk Again’: Woman Tracks Down Car-Theft Suspect, Drags Him By The Hair Out Of Barbershop

(Photo by DAVID GANNON/AFP via Getty Images)

Becky Falcon A professional freelance journalist
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A Detroit woman confronted and dragged a suspected thief Wednesday that allegedly stole her car, Fox 2 Detroit reported. 

The car, a Mercedes Benz, was missing for two days before it was spotted by it’s owner, Bianca Chambers, parked outside a local Barbershop with the suspected thief inside the Barbershop. Chambers entered the Barbershop and dragged the suspect along the floor by his dreadlocks, FOX 2 Detroit reported.

“At that point, I was like, ‘I’m not letting this man walk again,'” Chambers told Fox 2. 

Customers at the Barbershop joined suit and helped Chambers make a citizens’ arrest as they awaited the intervention from the police.

As a way of barring the suspect from driving away with the car, Chambers said she slashed the car tires before she confronted the suspected thief, according to Fox 2. 

Before she eventually captured the suspect, Chambers revealed that she had called police multiple times regarding the allegedly stolen cars location, according to Fox 2. The car was gone by the time police arrived. (RELATED: REPORT: Akon’s Range Rover Stolen While He Was Pumping Gas)

Chambers said that the suspect was “the dumbest criminal” for allegedly driving around in a stolen car.

“You’re joyriding in my car like nobody was going to see,” she said.