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EDITORIAL: This Week In Stupid Questions, Stupid Answers And Hot Takes

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Cubans take to the streets carrying American flags in massive freedom protests, Pete Hegseth rescues a runaway interview from a fugitive Texas Democrat, and it takes Jen Psaki two days to admit communism is a “failed ideology.”

The 24-hour news cycle — coupled with thousands of media outlets and a gradual return from pandemic boredom to a somewhat normal life — makes it all but impossible for anyone to truly stay abreast of all the news.

So here it is, the week that was:

  • Former ICE director Tom Homan suggested defunding Congress — or at least the “Squad” — in response to comments from Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib. Tlaib said earlier in the week that the best way to handle the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border would be to defund ICE, the CBP and DHS.
  • Vice President Kamala Harris claimed that voter ID laws were unfairly burdensome to rural Americans, arguing that they were unable to make copies of their photo IDs and might have a hard time locating a Kinkos.
  • As freedom protests erupted in Cuba, Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan noted that the Cuban people — many of whom carried American flags as they took to the streets — were showing more respect for the Stars and Stripes than some Olympic athletes.
  • A library had to apologize after a children’s presentation included a character referred to as “rainbow dildo butt monkey.”
  • President Joe Biden lashed out at voter integrity bills — like the one Texas Democrats fled the state to avoid passing — and claimed they were the worst threat to American democracy since the Civil War.
  • Three months earlier, Biden had claimed the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill was the greatest threat to democracy since the Civil War.
  • Ana Navarro, whose family fled Nicaragua amid political unrest, pushed back on claims that Cubans were protesting because of the nation’s poor response to the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s far more than just about COVID response,” Navarro said. “It’s about freedom, and look, first things first, Cuba is a 62-year regime — dictatorial regime. It kills, jails, beats, harasses political dissidents, it’s been doing so for over 60 years.”
  • Megyn Kelly said on her podcast that there was “no question” in her mind the media exaggerated the events and the impact of the Capitol riot. “There is no question the media represented it as so much worse than it actually was,” she said, going on to make it clear that some of the day’s events had been undeniably awful.
  • Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made it clear that he had a zero-tolerance policy for fugitive lawmakers. He promised that the Texas House Democrats who had fled to Washington, D.C., would be arrested when they returned home if they refused to return to the House chamber to do their jobs.
  • Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom will not be allowed to identify himself as a Democrat in the upcoming recall election. A judge ruled against Newsom’s lawsuit after the governor failed to meet a deadline imposed by a law that he himself had signed.
  • Geraldo Rivera argued that unvaccinated people should not be allowed to participate in society, saying that he had a right to keep his children safe. He said that people who refused to get the coronavirus vaccine should be barred from public places including stores, schools and even places of employment.
  • White House senior medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said that children as young as three should be wearing masks as the Delta variant of coronavirus continues to spread.
  • Republican Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said that the Biden administration should be prepared to use the U.S. military to intervene in Cuba if necessary.
  • Fox News host Pete Hegseth refused to let a Texas Democrat run away with his interview, pressing James Talarico repeatedly on voter ID and shooting him down when he tried to turn the interview on its head. “I’m asking the questions,” Hegseth said.
  • After two consecutive days of questions from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, press secretary Jen Psaki finally stated definitively that communism was a “failed ideology” and had failed the people of Cuba.