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HighKey Coin Paves the Way for a Booming BitClout Community

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Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity over the years as more people realize the benefits of digital currency. Recently, a crypto social network has emerged, offering social media personalities an opportunity to earn money as their popularity increases.

The network is BitClout, which monetizes human interaction by generating Creator Coins when someone invests in a social media personality. BitClout places the power and control of personal brands back into the hands of their creators, no longer dictating the user’s worth or content.

Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz, partners in HighKey Enterprises, are going all in on BitClout, investing their entire crypto savings into the platform; they have already invested over $1 million into their own HighKey Coin and the BitClout platform.

The two oldest Lintz brothers, Jordan and Luke, began their online business success five years ago as they built up connections to prominent influencers and high-net-worth individuals. They started with their first business, HighKey Technology, which sold consumer electronics. After helping their future business partner, Stefan Aarnio, build up his social media presence, HighKey Agency was born.

Now, HighKey Agency is an elite personal branding agency that offers content creation, social media management, and press management. Jordan and Luke’s younger brother, Jackson, joined them fresh out of high school to help design and manage clients’ websites. Now, all three Lintz brothers prioritize building relationships for their clients across popular networks.

Both companies are now owned by the Lintz brothers holding company, HighKey Enterprises.

To enable their clients to increase their digital presence, the HighKey partners stay updated on the latest technology, innovations, and trends. One of these trends is cryptocurrency. So the day they heard about the social platform that uses $CLOUT cryptocurrency to build success for users, the Lintz brothers knew they had to invest in BitClout.

The brothers have always dreamed of stock exchanges that allow the trading of clout and investing in personal brands, and when they heard about BitClout, they knew it was just the beginning of a new revolution.

BitClout paves the way for decentralized social media where networks cannot censor, shadowban, or fully disable accounts whenever they want. The money invested into Creator Coins puts the control back into the creator’s hands. Social media personalities can determine which content to create and share, and any money earned from their content will go directly into their pockets.

Jordan Lintz states that HighKey trusts BitClout because it has the same core principles as Bitcoin, but it also has a social structure that makes it unique and puts the power in the users’ hands. Jordan even goes so far as to say, “BitClout would not be nearly as powerful without the social media platform!”

Because HighKey is determined to create revolutionary results for their clients, they commit to taking risks on new opportunities.The brothers have invested all their crypto savings into the platform, which has led HighKey Coin to be a Top 10 Creator Coin on the platform. In addition, they’re using their influence to encourage celebrities and high-profile individuals to invest in the platform as well.

As BitClout continues to scale, HighKey plans on investing a percentage of their total profits into the crypto social platform, on top of the $1 million they’ve already invested. They believe BitClout will be the number one social media platform in the world, and they want to be a part of this process of creating a better future for social media engagement.

Over the past several months, Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz have helped onboard their clients onto BitClout. They’ve onboarded athletes and celebrities like Antonio Brown and Bella Thorne. However, they don’t stop at simply onboarding clients; they also help their clients create strategies and manage their BitClout content so they can have long-term success on the platform.

By having HighKey invest in BitClout and helping their clients see the value of Creator Coins, the Lintz brothers are paving the way for decentralized power and transparency.