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Travel is the Best Medium to Build Your Network – Instagram Star Jen Blanco

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Traveling comes with many benefits. Most obviously, travel is an excellent way to relax, escape from a boring daily routine, and reduce stress. According to a 2018 study published by AARP, traveling even comes with health benefits, such as better sleep, more energy, and increased productivity.

In addition, travel can help people step out of their comfort zone and boost their confidence as they try to navigate an unknown location. Traveling can also improve one’s communication skills, as a person tries to communicate with locals, or speak a new language.

Last but not least, one significant advantage of traveling that is often forgotten is the opportunity to network. Visiting a new city or country exposes a person to new people, and allows them to build great relationships with those from other cultural backgrounds.

Jenifer Blanco, a rising Instagram star, loves to spend her free time traveling and exploring new places. Blanco points out that travel is the best medium to build a person’s network, which is important for her career.

“If you plan to succeed as an influencer, you need to improve your networking skills. From my experience, the best way to grow your following is [through] networking and connecting with people in your field of interest. This way, not only will you hear great stories, but [you’ll] also [learn] how they expanded their [own] brand or name,” Blanco says.

Some of Jen Blanco’s favorite cities that she’s visited are Miami and Los Angeles.

“I love L.A. for its incredible views of the mountains, and all the great shops and restaurants they have as well. I [also] loved hiking on The Charlie Turner Trail to Mount Hollywood. This gave me a chance to take some fantastic scenery pictures and feel at peace,” Jen Blanco says.

Blanco also points out that L.A. and Miami were great places for her to visit, because she was surrounded by other great influencers.

“When I traveled to L.A. and Miami, I had an opportunity to hang out with people who are in the same industry as I am. Not only was it a great experience to meet them, but I was also able to learn new methods of social media growth,” Blanco says.

Blanco has only been in the Instagram modeling industry for a year, but she says she is excited for what the future holds as she forms many more relationships and experiences. When it comes to her future travel plans, Jen Blanco says that she would like to travel to Paris, Dubai, and Greece. However, Tokyo remains the destination she is most eager to visit, and she hopes she will do so in the near future.