Murder Suspect Arrested After Commenting On Police Facebook Post Asking About Reward Money

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

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An Oklahoma woman wanted for accessory to murder was arrested Thursday after commenting on a local police department’s Facebook post about warrants for her arrest.

Tulsa Police Department’s Facebook page announced Wednesday that Lorraine Graves was wanted in connection to the murder of Eric Graves. Two other suspects in the case, Jayden Hopson and Gabriel Hopson, had already been apprehended at the time of the post, police said.

Graves allegedly left a comment under the post, saying “What’s where’s [sic] the reward money at,” the police department reported Thursday. (RELATED: Police Catch Murder Suspect Who Escaped Custody After News Crew Spots Him)

Tulsa Police Department’s Fugitive Warrants unit arrested Graves in north Tulsa near 36th St. N. and Garrison Ave on Thursday, police said. (RELATED: Triple-Murder Suspect Forces Woman Into Driving 33 Hours With Him To Turn Himself In)

The suspect’s bond has been set at $500,000.

“This is an arrest, not a conviction,” police clarified.

Graves may be sentenced to up to 45 years of imprisonment if found guilty of accessory to the March murder, WCSC-TV reported.

The suspect’s original comment, the screenshot of which was attached to the police department’s Thursday announcement, has since been deleted.