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Hermes Mansour Shares 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Supercar

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As the co-owner of a successful luxury supercar rental company in Dubai, Hermes Mansour is well-equipped to offer advice to those looking to buy supercars. He shares his tips with others who, like him, have a strong appreciation for the luxury lifestyle and a love for supercars.

It May Not Be an Investment. If you choose to buy a supercar, you should do so because you want to drive the car and enjoy it. You should not necessarily buy a supercar under the assumption that it will increase in value. That may be the case for some extremely rare supercars, but it is not a guarantee. The exception to this rule is if you buy a supercar to rent it to others, as Hermes does.

Be Aware of Insurance Costs. In Hermes Mansour’s experience, owning a supercar tends to come with some of the highest insurance premiums that you will find. The high value of the cars is a contributing factor. Another is the high speeds that they can achieve, as this can increase the risk of an accident.

Expect Expensive Repairs and Maintenance. Thanks to owning a fleet of supercars, Hermes Mansour has plenty of experience having them maintained and repaired. He has learned firsthand how expensive this can be. So, few mechanics are highly skilled in working with these supercars. That allows them to charge higher rates. On top of that, many of the parts can be hard to find, making them expensive as well.

Get Behind the Wheel. Before splurging on a supercar, Hermes suggests taking the time to get behind the wheel. At the very least, you should take it on a test drive. A better option may be to rent a supercar to confirm it is the vehicle you want to drive around. While many of Hermes’ clients in his supercar rental company are tourists, there are also some clients who simply want to give the model a thorough test before buying it.

Remember that Buying Is Not the Only Option. Depending on your budget and your needs, Hermes reminds people that buying a supercar is not your only option to get behind the wheel. You can also rent one for short-term supercar experiences or lease one.

In addition to acting, Hermes Mansour co-owns a successful supercar rental company in Dubai with his brother. As part of this company, the two own a fleet of luxury supercars. The company is only a few years old but is already successful enough for an upcoming expansion into luxury yachts.