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How Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich Leverages Social Media to Improve Patient Care

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Most professionals and companies today use social media to promote their brand. While Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich does use social media for marketing, he also uses it to improve patient care. He shares how and why patient care and social media go hand in hand.

One of the most important aspects of patient care is feeling comfortable with the doctor and practice. Dr. Slenkovich carefully uses social media to help ensure that this is the case. Their goal is to ensure a proper fit and comfort. He explains, “we use social media to reach out with our message of partnering with patients on their self-improvement journey.” He continues, “we work to educate and show who we are and our passion for what we do.” All of this combines to help patients feel more comfortable. Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich highlights the importance of this patient comfort. He explains, “because plastic surgery is an intensely personal decision, choosing a surgeon with whom you can identify is a key part of the process.” By sharing content on social media, patients can “know me before they come to my office to meet me.” As he summarizes, “social media can help determine if a potential ‘fit’ exists between my surgery approaches and a patient’s goals.”

The other crucial aspect of patient care is providing education. Patients should always understand their treatment options and be comfortable with them. They need to be informed to make an educated decision. Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich understands this and uses social media to educate patients, even if they are not his patients. He explains that when he first engaged with social media, “I was instantly intrigued with its ability to connect people and provide an educational forum.” He now uses social media for this goal, educating his followers. Dr. Slenkovich has noticed a difference between patients who use social media in their journey. He explains, “patients who utilize social media as part of their decision-making process to obtain plastic surgery are more aware of the surgery process – from preparation through post-surgical healing.” This knowledge improves patient care in several ways. It prepares them for the process. It also allows them to ask informed questions and make educated decisions.

Dr. Slenkovich began using social media for his practice several years ago. He is double-board certified. He also has professional memberships in both the ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich’s experience shows that deep connection between social media and patient care. By nurturing his social media presence, he is able to reassure patients about his practice and educate them on treatment options.