‘We’re Not Going To Get Better If We Just Keep Blaming Fox News’: Meghan McCain Torches Her Own Show

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” host Meghan McCain called out her own show for painting an intellectually dishonest picture of coronavirus vaccine hesitancy.

McCain argued on Tuesday’s broadcast that blaming Fox News for spreading “misinformation” about vaccines would not do anything to address the fact that it was not just Fox News viewers who were showing reluctance to get vaccinated. (RELATED: ‘I Will Die On This Hill’: Meghan McCain Rips Gwen Berry For Making Her Personal Grievance An International Statement)


Cohost Joy Behar began the segment by suggesting that the vaccine should be mandated — at least in schools and hospitals — placing the blame squarely on social media platforms and Fox News.

“The reason that you have many people unvaccinated besides their fear of the vaccine is this misinformation that’s coming out of Facebook and Fox News,” she said. “I don’t care what anybody says, yes, Democrats are probably problematic also, if you talk about people in New York, but Republicans are the ones who are spewing the lies. They are the ones spewing the misinformation.”

McCain said that the idea of another rapidly-spreading variant was very concerning to her, namely because she could not put a mask on her ten-month-old daughter to protect her, but that blaming Fox News for the problem would not solve anything.

“It is not just Fox News, I think maybe I’m not being clear,” she said, noting that there were a number of unvaccinated people in areas that were not necessarily Republican-leaning.

“It’s not just a Republican problem. I implore people on the left and right to stop making this political,” McCain continued. “Honestly I just as we talked about it and we talked about it at length the opioid overdoses saw the highest rise ever in United States — American history last month, over 100,000 people died of opioid overdoses. This country cannot withstand other lockdowns, there are a lot of different ways to die of COVID.”

McCain turned on her cohosts and the Biden administration then, adding, “I implore the White House, I implore this show to be intellectually honest. Why are hospital workers not getting vaccinated? Why are Democrats? Why are citizens of the Bronx not getting vaccinated?”

“I don’t understand why this has to be so much about Fox News. It’s not. This is a problem for our country and I’m petrified,” McCain concluded, saying again that she feared the possibility of more lockdowns and of being forced to isolate her baby if things did not change.

“Please stop making this so political. This is an American problem. It’s a national problem. It’s an international problem and we’re not going to get better if we just keep blaming Fox News,” she said.