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Sister Kristy Shares Her Insights on Growth of Digital Careers over the Last Decade

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As social media continues to grow, more and more people are realizing that they can work for themselves online. Whether they’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or model, they can make money without having to step into an office. Sister Kristy is an Instagram model, and she’s glad to have made this online work her full-time job.

Sister Kristy started her Instagram with a goal of getting 20k followers. After only a couple of years, her following has grown to 271k on Instagram alone. She started out by taking sexy pictures of herself on the weekends and working a 9-5, but soon was able to make it her only gig. “My career is my dream,” says Sister Kristy. “I am able to live my life and make everything I do part of my brand. I can take my own photos and work for myself instead of being at a boss’s mercy every day.” Sister Kristy also sells risqué photos on her own website, where she’s able to get subscribers to pay for access. “These are my #1 fans, and I love them. It’s exciting that we can get to know each other and chat in a safe online environment.”

Women have been realizing that they can make lots of money selling sexy photos online, and Sister Kristy thinks this trend will continue. “It’s empowering to have a career like that. Some people might not be comfortable with it, but I think a lot of women would love to be able to break out on their own.” Overall, working digitally allows women to protect themselves while still having an exciting and titillating career.

As time goes on, it’s likely that more and more women will begin working for themselves online. “You can live your dream life,” says Sister Kristy. “You just have to start posting.”