Biden Calls Don Lemon ‘One Of The Most Informed Journalists In The Country’

CNN screenshot

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President Joe Biden said during Wednesday’s town hall that CNN host Don Lemon is “one of the most informed journalists in the country.”

Biden and Lemon were discussing how to restore faith in government. Biden promised to take accountability for his mistakes and own up to them, and called for “generally raising confidence in elected officials.” He said that Lemon understands the criticism the president received for saying that he wanted to unite the country because Lemon is so well-informed. (RELATED: Don Lemon Promotes His Own Book As A Recommendation For White People)

“I know this is going to sound like a non-answer to you, but part of this is that, you know — you know because you’re one of the most informed journalists in the country,” Biden told the CNN host. “You know the criticism I got when I said I want to unite the country. You can’t unite the country. And if you can’t unite the country, we can never get some of these problems solved. And that goes to trust. Why can’t you unite the country? Why isn’t there a willingness to trust?”

Lemon has insisted that he is a “journalist” and “not a political person” in the past. The CNN host has claimed that the Democratic party is the only one “operating in reality” anymore and called the Republican party “obsolete.”