‘The Worst Thing Since The Worst Thing’: Dagen McDowell And Greg Gutfeld Accuse Democrats Of Inventing Hate Speech

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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“The Five” hosts Dagen McDowell and Greg Gutfeld called out President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party on the double standard of what they identified as hate speech.

McDowell and Gutfeld claimed that the Democratic Party invented hate speech and ever since have selectively chosen whose speech would be included under that label on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.” (RELATED: ‘Let Them Die’: NAACP Official Attacks Anti-CRT Parents)


Gutfeld began the conversation by suggesting that the Democratic party had invented the idea of hate speech and then went on to accuse them of abusing it.

“They invented the concept of hate speech, right? And yet the stuff that they traffic in is so incendiary, right? It’s like, you know? The worst thing since the Civil War, worst thing since 9/11, everything is the worst thing since the worst thing, that’s kind of hate speech, right?” Gutfeld asked.

McDowell agreed, adding that when the hate speech was coming from Democrats, it did not phase them.

“It is hate speech but it’s tolerated by their ilk,” McDowell said. “They don’t care, listen. This is a two-year sprint to the midterms.”

McDowell said that Democrats appeared ready to push their agenda without the help of any Republicans, adding that they planned to “push through an expansion of government and entitlement, after entitlement, after entitlement, that will rival or even swamp FDR in ‘33, that will rival or swamp LBJ in 1965.”

McDowell concluded with one last dig at Biden, saying, “I kind of like the East Woody Biden when he’s reading the teleprompter like he’s squinting, it makes him look tougher than the wide eyed Biden when he looks like grandpa lost in a Walmart and he’s like walking up and down the feminine and hygiene aisle.”