Joy Behar Accuses Jim Jordan Of Possible Involvement In Capitol Riot


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar said Thursday that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was right to bar two House Republicans from serving on her committee to investigate the Capitol riot.

Behar said on “The View” that she agreed with Pelosi’s decision to remove Indiana Rep. Jim Banks and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan from the Republican slate, suggesting that Jordan specifically might have been involved in the attack on the Capitol. (RELATED: Joy Behar Can’t Understand Why Eric Trump Doesn’t Have A Conservator If Britney Spears Does)


Behar began by saying that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was a “witness to the insurrection” and a “toadie to Trump,” and had “no business appointing anyone” to the committee.

“How is he, you know, capable or — to be trusted to handle this kind of a situation? He can’t be,” Behar continued. “He can have his own bogus investigation, if he wants. He can call that Qanon Shaman as his lead character witness.”

Behar then pivoted to address Jordan, adding, “He spoke to Trump in December on how to handle voter certification. So how do we know he wasn’t even involved in this? He could be investigating himself. He voted to overthrow the election. He voted to deny Biden the win. He is not eligible to be on this committee.”

Behar argued that Republicans like Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney should be eligible to be on the committee because she was “more of a mainstream and a legitimate Republican.”

“You know, they’re going to be investigating themselves. Would you ask a bunch of wise guys to investigation, oh, I don’t know. Al Capone? Would you ask Harvey Weinstein to investigate Jeffrey Epstein?” she asked. “No. You cannot have these people who are probably involved, or might be, we’ll find out, in this insurrection itself.”