Steve Daines Blasts Nominee Linked To Eco-Terrorism, Says It’s Part Of Biden’s Pattern Of Nominating Radicals

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines called out President Joe Biden on nominating Tracy Stone-Manning, a suspected eco-terrorist, as his director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Daines joined Harris Faulkner on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Faulkner Focus” to discuss Stone-Manning and her alleged involvement in an eco-terrorist group, arguing that her appointment was part of a larger pattern of Biden inviting those with extremist views into the administration. (RELATED: ‘Anti-Government’?: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Biden’s BLM Nominee)


Faulkner began by explaining what tree spiking was — hammering metal rods into trees, making it dangerous for loggers when they cut them down — and why it was concerning that Stone-Manning might have been connected to such a group. She introduced Daines and asked about his response to the nomination.

“Well, Harris, it’s outrageous. I sit on that committee, we just voted no, we should not advance her nomination, it was a ten-ten tie,” Daines responded. The senator then showed a tree spike and described what could happen when a logger cut into a spiked tree. The saw blade could explode, sending the spikes flying and potentially impaling the logger or anyone nearby, he explained.

“They were part of Earth First, they are an ecoterrorist group. Tracy Stone-Manning was right in the middle of that activity,” Daines said. “In fact, she mailed a letter. This is the news that came available to the committee in just the last 42 days. It was never available before, she wrote this letter and mailed it on a rented typewriter this very threatening letter, it was vile, Harris, it was laced with profanity basically, basically threatening the folks in Idaho saying you better not go in that forest because the trees have been spiked. That’s eco-terrorism.”

“That’s why I don’t believe she is fit to serve as President Biden’s director of the land management,” Daines concluded.

In the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Stone-Manning was backed by Democrats and Republicans opposed due to her alleged involvement with the eco-terrorist group. The committee voted along party lines, 10-10, forcing Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to choose whether to terminate her nomination or bring it before the full Senate.