The Big Ten Needs To Aggressively Target Notre Dame, Iowa State And North Carolina

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Big Ten needs to start aggressively pursuing multiple teams for expansion.

At the moment, Oklahoma and Texas are nearing a decision to join the SEC, and the B1G can’t afford to wait to make our move. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

We have to go right now.

According to Mike Vernon, the Big Ten and Kansas have scheduled a call to presumably discuss the future. That’s not good enough.

There are five teams the B1G needs to target and I’m going to list them in order. We have to go after Notre Dame (by far the most important), North Carolina, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

Obviously, we’re not taking all five. We need two of them, and it all starts with Notre Dame.


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The Fighting Irish have fought tooth and nail to avoid joining a conference, and only joined the ACC for last season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses. There’s more money in the B1G than anywhere else. Even with the pandemic, the Big Ten still printed money.

Throw some at the Fighting Irish to join our ranks!

From there, let’s go get North Carolina and expand our footprint. We already own the east coast from Washington D.C. all the way north and we go as far west as Lincoln, Nebraska. Let’s go further south than D.C. and get the Tar Heels.

They’re a monster brand with a rising football program and a great basketball program.


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If we can’t get those two programs, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Kansas State are the next three teams we need. ISU is on the rise and already in B1G country, KSU is close geographically and Oklahoma State is a big program with a rich history.

I’d be fine with those three if we swing and miss on ND and UNC.


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What we absolutely can’t do is sit around and do nothing. The SEC is on the warpath, and you never win a war by letting the other side gear up uncontested.

Go get the Fighting Irish and Tar Heels. If that fails, we’ll go down the list. What we won’t do is sit around and do nothing!