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EDITORIAL: This Week In Stupid Questions, Stupid Answers And Hot Takes

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A PTA official wants people to die, the White House wants to be in charge of labeling “misinformation” and Dagen McDowell is ready for Dr. Fauci to retire.

The 24-hour news cycle — coupled with thousands of media outlets and a gradual return from pandemic boredom to a somewhat normal life — makes it all but impossible for anyone to truly stay abreast of all the news.

So here it is, the week that was:

  • NAACP official and Fairfax County PTA official Michelle Leete unloaded on parents who opposed adding critical race theory to the curriculum. She concluded her lengthy rant with a call to “let them die.”
  • Following the announcement that the White House planned to assist Facebook in identifying “misinformation,” press secretary Jen Psaki argued that anyone who was banned from one social media platform for sharing misinformation should be banned from all platforms.
  • Fox News anchor John Roberts fired back after Psaki claimed the White House was not going to actually remove any posts or ban people from social media. “Jen Psaki really tried to deflect there saying we’re not taking this information down, it’s Facebook that’s making that decision. Yes, but based on the White House’s recommendation,” Roberts said.
  • Meghan McCain revealed her old trick for ditching bad dates when she lived in New York City and Los Angeles. “All I’d have to say is I’m a Republican,” she said. “I love President Bush. I’m pro-life and I’m an NRA member and then they’ll just run right away.”
  • Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said President Joe Biden’s administration could not be trusted to identify misinformation. “Imagine the people — look at it from our perspective. Imagine the people who spent decades calling us stupid, rubes, and racists, are now in charge of controlled dumb at controlling the spread of information by using the word ‘misinformation,'” Gutfeld said. “Any sane person would say hell no.”
  •  White House senior medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN anchor Jim Acosta that smallpox and polio might never have been wiped out if experts at the time had been forced to deal with the kind of misinformation he faced.
  • Author Michael Wolff shredded CNN anchor Brian Stelter on his own show, saying, “You are one of the reasons why people can’t stand the media. It’s your fault.”
  • CNN anchor Dana Bash asked Surgeon General Vivek Murthy whether he believed Fox News was killing viewers with misinformation. “President Biden did accuse social media platforms of killing people,” Bash said, asking, “Do you think conservative media, like Fox News, are doing the same? Are they killing people, too, with rhetoric you just heard?”
  • Former Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard had a few choice words for Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos when he launched into space — namely that she wished he would not return to earth.
  • Legendary quarterback Tom Brady mocked former President Donald Trump during a White House visit with the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz referred to Fauci as a “Saturday Night Live caricature,” adding, “enough with the mandates.”
  • Fauci clashed once again with Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul during a hearing on Capitol Hill. “They’re animal viruses that became more transmissible in humans and you funded it,” Paul said, as he accused Fauci of lying about whether or not the NIH funded gain-of-function research.
  • Fox Business host Dagen McDowell said that it was time for the “octogenarian spokes-hack” Dr. Fauci to “retire to his laboratory in the country,” adding, “no way anybody trusts him.” She predicted that the Biden administration would fire him after failing to meet vaccination goals.
  • “The View” host Sunny Hostin argued that social media users should be required to present a verified ID before they could create an account.
  • CNN anchor Don Lemon turned his Biden town hall into a debate, lobbying for the president to support the end of the Senate filibuster.
  • “The View” host Joy Behar accused Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan of possible involvement in the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill. “You know, they’re going to be investigating themselves. Would you ask a bunch of wise guys to investigation, oh, I don’t know. Al Capone? Would you ask Harvey Weinstein to investigate Jeffrey Epstein?” she asked. “No. You cannot have these people who are probably involved, or might be, we’ll find out, in this insurrection itself.”
  • Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy claimed that Biden had “a Ph.D. in lying.” “Maybe George Washington could not tell a lie, but just about every politician since has mastered the skill,” Kennedy continued. “I don’t mean to be ugly, but President Biden has a Ph.D. in it. Now some politicians lie because it’s useful. Other politicians lie because they forget.”
  • And just to round out the week, a slew of critics mocked Biden’s stumbling appearance at his CNN town hall.