Jesse Watters Bucks Vaccine Mandates: ‘We Are Being Lectured By A Guy Who Hid In His Basement For The Entire Pandemic’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said Friday that Americans might not tolerate a coronavirus vaccine mandate, calling it a step toward authoritarianism.

Watters argued on “The Five” that the lectures might also fall flat coming from President Joe Biden, who he said had spent “the entire pandemic” in his basement. (RELATED: ‘The Girl Who Keeps Sending You Mixed Signals’: Jesse Watters Blasts White House For Confusing COVID Messaging)


Co-host Greg Gutfeld responded first to the idea that the White House could push for a vaccine mandate, saying that it would only encourage Americans who were already wary of power grabs from those in positions of authority.

“I think we have to dial back the fear panic that they’re starting to push,” co-host Katie Pavlich added, accusing many in the media of acting as though people who did not choose to get the vaccine were very likely to die of COVID-19.

“We are being lectured by a guy who hid in his basement for the entire pandemic,” Watters replied, noting that first those who were deemed “essential workers” had been forced to keep working while others were told to stay home.

“Now, they are saying you have to get a shot in your arm if you don’t want a shot,” Watters continued. “There is only so much you can push these people, right? … To say that the right wing is leading towards authoritarianism, yet it is the left who wants to force injections into strangers’ arms against their will and then censor them if they object to it. That is authoritarianism. That is not freedom, that is not America.”