Sheriff’s Deputy, 4 Others Die In Shootout From Hostage Situation

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Five people, including a sheriff’s deputy, died in a Sunday shootout between police and a gunman who was holding several victims — the deceased among them presumed to be his wife and two children — hostage in a California home.

Authorities responded to multiple 911 calls and discovered a hostage situation around 1:00 p.m., the Kern County Sheriff’s Office reported. When deputies approached the home, they said the 41-year-old gunman started shooting at them with an AK-47 style firearm. Authorities then say they created a perimeter and requested assistance from a SWAT team and the California Highway Patrol.

The gunman fired at the SWAT team as they approached the house around 2:53 p.m. and injured two officers, the sheriff’s office said. Both officers were then transported to a local hospital.

An officer shot and killed the suspect hours later as he climbed onto the roof carrying an AK-47 and a handgun, authorities say. Deputies then entered the home and say they discovered a 42-year-old woman, a 24-year-old and a 17-year-old male dead. Two adult women and two children had also been held in the home, but managed to escape without injury when the officers arrived.

One of the injured officers, Deputy Phillip Campas, authorities say died from his injuries at the hospital. Campas had been an officer at the sheriff’s office for five years and was a former U.S. Marine. The other officer, Deputy Dizander Guerrero, was reportedly treated for his injuries and later released from the hospital. (RELATED: Body Camera Footage Shows Children With An Ak-47 And Shotgun Open Fire On Police)

The unidentified deceased woman had filed a restraining order against the suspect that went into effect June 3, The Associated Press reported.

The sheriff’s office has placed 23 officers on administrative leave due to the shootout, according to the AP. Over 100 officers in total were involved in the incident.