‘Do Not Send One Thing’: Dana Perino Mocks Texas Democrats For Requesting Care Packages On The Taxpayers’ Dime

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino mocked the fugitive Texas Democrats after a wishlist circulated on Twitter requesting care packages for them.

Perino made the comment on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five,” arguing that those Democrats — who fled Texas to stop the passage of a Republican-led voting integrity measure — were already getting taxpayer funded per diem pay of $221, and that no one should send them salsa and hairspray. (RELATED: ‘They Are In Disarray’: Dana Perino Tells Republicans To ‘Eat Some Popcorn’ And Watch The Democrats Fight)


Dallas Democrats shared the list of requests — everything from Dr. Pepper, salsa and hard candy to hairspray, other toiletries, hand sanitizer, sewing kits and first aid supplies — in a Saturday tweet.

“Hard to imagine a publicity stunt ever going worse than this one,” Perino said of the Democrats, who have said they will remain away from Texas at least until the legislative session expires. “They are the TikTok Texas Democrats. They got on a plane without a plan.” (RELATED: ‘I’m Asking The Questions’: Pete Hegseth Fires Back At Fugitive Texas Democrat Who Tries To Make His Interview About Trump)

Perino went on to mock some of the specific requests — despite noting that they might have a point when it came to the salsa — adding, “Had to ask for hair spray? That is something. Kudos to that Texas Democrat who tweeted that they need hair spray.”

“But, wait, no. I want to tell you this. Do you realize they are getting $221 a day per diem from the taxpayers?” Perino continued. “If you are somebody going to put together a care package for these people, think about the homeless in your area. The people that are going to a food bank in your area. Do not send one thing to these TikTok Texas Democrats.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld took a different tack, suggesting that the public nature of the address would make it easy for someone who was so inclined to send an “I don’t care” package.


“If I were a real jerk I would find out and it’s probably very easy to find out the addresses for the care packages and send ‘I don’t care’ packages,” Gutfeld said, prompting laughter from his co-hosts.

“And just be creative. It could be empty and filled can something fun and cheeky and clever. But I would never tell people to do that, but I’m sure it’s very easy to find the address and send an I don’t care package,” Gutfeld continued. “It’s oddly very specific, Dr. Pepper? Why Dr. Pepper? It’s ironic given the fact that they didn’t listen to their doctors to begin with, spread COVID and then you got the hard candy and hair spray? It sounds like a scavenger hunt for a carnival sex worker, not that I would know.”