Golfer Patrick Reed Says He Will Compete For The USA ‘No Matter What’

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Golfer Patrick Reed is very excited to represent the USA in the Olympics.

Reed replaced Bryson DeChambeau on the Olympic squad for the games in Tokyo after the latter tested positive for coronavirus, and he’s ready to roll! (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Reed, who competed in the Olympics in 2016, told the Golf Channel the following about playing for the USA:

Anytime I can represent my country and go play for my country, I’m going to do it no matter what, no matter where it is, no matter what time zone or how I have to get there or anything. When they gave me the name Captain America, the fans did, it feels like an obligation and a duty of mine to go out and play for our country whenever I can and whenever I get the call. To be able to call myself not just an Olympian but a two-time Olympian is pretty sweet. I look forward to going over there and playing.

I love every single word Reed told the Golf Channel, and I wish more Americans showed great pride in the USA like he clearly does.

When America calls your number to wear the red, white and blue, you do it with a smile on your face and patriotism in your heart.

It’s too bad more athletes don’t have the same attitude that Reed does. LeBron James could certainly learn a thing or two from him.

Instead of trashing America or protesting during the national anthem like Gwen Berry, he couldn’t be more excited to compete for his country.

The USA could certainly use a lot more of that attitude.

Props to Reed for loving America. That’s the kind of stuff we love to see.