Piers Morgan Reveals He Caught The ‘Killer’ Virus After Getting Vaccinated

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Piers Morgan shared with his followers he caught the “killer virus” after getting the vaccine and is crediting it with possibly saving his life.

“[I will reveal] how I caught COVID-19, and my 11-day diary of what it was like battling the killer virus…..read it, then please get jabbed,” the broadcaster tweeted to his followers. The post was noted by Fox News in a piece published on Monday. “It may save your life.” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Defends Piers Morgan, Says ‘In An Era Of Free Speech Being Stifled’ We ‘Need More’ Like Him, Not ‘Fewer’)

In the piece, the TV personality said he recently tested positive for the coronavirus and believes he most likely caught the delta variant after attending the 2020 Euros soccer finals at London’s Wembley Stadium in early July. (RELATED: Piers Morgan Says Ariana Grande Shouldn’t Use ‘Nudity’ To Sell Records And The Singer Hits Back)

“My confidence that the event would be ‘covid safe’ had disintegrated,” Morgan wrote in the Daily Mail, noting that two days later he started to feel sick and experience symptoms like a fever, cold sweats, coughing and chest pain.

The former “Good Morning Britain” host said he had got AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK and believes things could have been a lot worse for him if he hadn’t.

“One thing’s for sure though: I’d be feeling a damn sight more unsettled if I hadn’t been vaccinated.”

“This is definitely the roughest I’ve felt from any illness in my adult life, BUT, as I slowly come out the other side, coughing and spluttering, I’m still here — unlike so many millions around the world who’ve lost their lives to COVID in this pandemic,” he added.

“For that, I owe a heartfelt debt of thanks to the brilliant scientists up in Oxford who created the AstraZeneca vaccine with such astonishing speed,” Morgan continued. “Perhaps, I may even owe them my life?”

He closed out his post noting if the worst a vaccinated person will feel after getting the virus is what he went through, then it is time for us to “learn to live” with it.

“My own advice is very simple: GET JABBED!” he concluded.