‘We Got A Baby Under The Vehicle!’: Two Hero Police Officers Rescue Baby Pinned Under Car

[Youtube:Screenshot:Yonkers Police Department]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Two New York police officers jumped into action Friday to rescue a baby trapped under a car after the vehicle slammed into a building, according to surveillance footage.

Video footage released from the Yonkers Police Department shows a car slamming into a parked vehicle before hitting and dragging a woman who was holding her daughter across the street. The car crashes through the front of what appears to be a barbershop around 8:00 a.m., Friday, with both victims pinned to the hood.

Footage from police officer Samoyedny shows a vehicle sitting in a pile of glass as frantic bystanders watch in horror. Samoyedny tells dispatch “we got a baby under the vehicle.”

Samoyedny then joins police officer Fusco, who is frantically trying to lift the vehicle to free a trapped baby.

“Grab the baby, grab the baby,” Fusco says as he tries to lift the front of the vehicle. (RELATED: ‘I Want My Daddy’: Watch As Police Rescue Alleged Kidnapping Victim)

Samoyedny then springs into action and pulls the crying baby out from under the car.

“I got the baby,” Samoyedny said.

Both the child and its mother “suffered significant injuries but are stable,” Yonkers Police Sgt. Frank DiDomizio said, according to Fox 5.

Police Commissioner John Mueller later said the 36-year-old woman suffered compound leg fractures while the baby suffered a fractured skull.

The driver, identified as 43-year-old David Poncurak, was arrested on DWI charges, according to TMZ. Poncurak also faces charges of second degree vehicular assault, according to NBC News. Poncurak, who reportedly did not have a license, was in custody as of Sunday afternoon.

Authorities reportedly found alcohol in Poncurak’s car.