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ANALYSIS: San Francisco Parents Rebel, Vote To Recall Wokesters From School Board

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Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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School boards across the country are facing mounting pressure from parents to scrap critical race theory (CRT) from their curricula, and now that pressure is showing its face in one of the most unlikely of places: San Francisco.

Parents and activists in the city have organized an effort to recall three members of the San Francisco school board, arguing they have implemented racist teaching policies, held the district back from reopening after the pandemic, and sent the city’s schools “spiraling into financial crisis.” The petition requires 51,325 signatures by Sept. 7 to trigger recall elections for President Gabriela López, Vice President Faauuga Moliga and Commissioner Alison Collins. (RELATED: A Parent-Led Rebellion Against Critical Race Theory Is Storming School Boards Across The Country)

Asian American parents have been among the most vocal critics of the city’s CRT policies, which often don’t consider their children to be people of color. This was made clear when the school board voted to scrap the merit-based admission system for Lowell High School in favor of a random lottery. The change was ostensibly made to increase the school’s diversity, but the school’s students were already 82% non-White. Roughly half of the 3,000 students are Asian American.

San Francisco Public Schools Prepare For In Person Learning

Bryant Elementary School kindergarten teacher Chris Johnson sets up his classroom on April 09, 2021 in San Francisco, California. The San Francisco school district was among the last in the country to reopen for in-person learning after the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents have started a petition to recall the three principal members of the city’s school board. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“The denial of equal rights to educational opportunity for Asian-American children by those claiming progressive values is particularly tragic in light of the recent pandemic of violence against Asian-Americans,” Lee Cheng, a co-founder and director of the Asian American Legal Foundation (AALF) told The Wall Street Journal. “The street thugs and the educrats in San Francisco share many characteristics and prejudices. Both are racist. Some are just better dressed.” (RELATED: Arkansas Governor Approves Ending Critical Race Theory Education For State Agencies)

Collins herself has used explicitly anti-Asian rhetoric on Twitter, accusing Asian Americans of using “white supremacist thinking to assimilate and get ahead” and calling them “house n****rs.”

The statements were enough to make enemies of her own colleagues on the school board, resulting in her demotion from a vice president role to a commissioner role. Collins is now suing the school board for $87 million, arguing her demotion violated her First Amendment rights. (RELATED: The New Left’s Institutionalized Racialism Is ‘Everywhere.’ In Medicine, Education, Even In Government Labs. Here’s How It Happened

Parent speaks out at Loudoun County Public School board meeting over critical race theory [Twitter:Screenshot:The Virginia Project UAC]

A parent speaks out at Loudoun County Public School board meeting over critical race theory. Asian-American parents have been some of the most vocal critics of school boards implementing CRT across the country. Educators have sought to end merit-based admission policies in favor of random lotteries, a practice many Asian-Americans say hurts their children. (Twitter/Screenshot/The Virginia Project UAC)

“So much of who I am and how I am in this world has gotten lost due to this targeted smear campaign to label me as a racist to slow the stop of equity that I have engaged in over the years,” Collins said April 1. “I will unapologetically pursue equity and empowerment of Black, Latin, Asian, Arab, and other communities regardless of the opportunistic and meritless attacks directed towards me.”

Activist and attorney Harmeet Dhillon sent a letter to the school board warning of a potential lawsuit if it continues to uphold CRT policies. Harmeet argues that not only did the school wrongly scrap its merit-based system, but that its lottery replacement is “rigged” agaisnt white and Asian-American students.

“Asian-American bias is one of the last permitted bigotries in the United States,” attorney Harmeet Dhillon told WSJ. “That needs to stop and it’s up to the Supreme Court to do it.” (RELATED: Public School District Allegedly Segregating Students By Race Faces Civil Rights Complaint From Parents Group)

Asian American communities across the country are sounding off with many of the same arguments. Wai Wah Chin, the charter president of a Chinese-American group in New York City, told the Daily Caller in June that CRT especially harms Asian American students by judging individuals by race instead of merit.

“Since CRT demands equal outcomes, as opposed to equal rights, in education, that means admitting students by race rather than by performance,” Chin said. “That means that higher-performing Asians must be rejected, not because they suddenly became lazier or dumber, but just because of race.”