Steven Crowder Speaks Out After Lung Collapse

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Political commentator Steven Crowder took to share an update on social media Tuesday on his health and recovery after his lung partially collapsed.

Crowder announced Friday that he suffered from a minor lung collapse while recovering from a recent surgical procedure. The “Louder with Crowder” host tweeted a photo of himself laying in a hospital bed and describing last night’s “turn for the worse” in connection to the collapse.

“Last night took a turn for the worse. Ever actually get so close that you can physically feel death? He’s a dick,” Crowder tweeted. “The good news is, it’s fixable and these things happen. I’ll be back before you know it. Thanks for the support.”

Crowder announced in a June video that he would be undergoing surgery to have titanium rods placed in his chest in July to treat a connective tissue disorder which causes his chest to cave in on his heart. The condition causes his blood flow to be significantly lower than the average person’s, he said.

The commentator underwent the surgery July 1 and released an x-ray of his chest plate in a July 7 post. (RELATED: Steven Crowder To Sue Facebook For ‘Unfair’ Treatment Of Conservatives)

Crowder is the host of the conservative YouTube series “Louder with Crowder” where he gives insight into his viewpoints regarding political issues. An April video of the series showed Crowder laying on the ground while a producer of his show placed a knee on his neck for nine minutes to prove his theory that drugs contributed to George Floyd’s May 20, 2020, death.

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