3 Americans Dead After Plane Crashes Into House In Ukraine

(Screenshot: YouTube/Діана)

Ashley Carnahan Contributor
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Three Americans are dead after a plane crashed into a house Wednesday in Ukraine, BNO News reported.

A WT10 Advantic sports plane crashed into the roof of a house in the Sheparivtsi, Kolomyia district, according to a statement from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

“A light sports plane crashed into a private house in Sheparivtsi, Kolomyia district, with subsequent burning, as a result of which four people on board were killed. At 1:58 pm, the fire was localized on an area of ​​100 square meters. At 2:47 pm, it was extinguished,” the statement read.

“We can confirm the death of three U.S. citizens in the Ivano-Frankiyvsk region of Ukraine, in the village of Sheparovtsi,” a spokesperson for the U.S. State Department told BNO News. “We are providing all appropriate assistance to the families.” (RELATED: 176 People Reportedly Dead From Plane Crash In Iran, Country Refusing To Give Black Box To Boeing)

The three victims were reportedly a part of a group of 50 Yeshiva students who were on a tour of Jewish historical sites in Ukraine, according to Hamodia. The outlet reported that several students had already flown on the sightseeing plane prior to it crashing.

The pilot was identified as 60-year-old Igor Tabanyuk, the co-owner of a small aviation airfield, BNO News reported. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash.