‘Seattle Voted For These Clowns’: Jesse Watter Blames White Liberals For Turning The City Into A ‘Shooting Gallery’

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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“The Five” host Jesse Watters said white liberals were to blame for turning Seattle into a “shooting gallery.”

Watters appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “The Five.” The host said that Seattle voted for politicians who wanted to defund the police, and it backfired on them. (RELATED: Over 200 Seattle Police Officers Quit In The Last Year, Citing Anti-Police Climate)


“So they defund the police in Seattle, $46 million, a wave of retirements, shootings spike, and you know who the victims mostly wear?” Watters asked. “Black Americans. So you have a white liberal mayor teaming up with a white city council under the banner of anti-racism, ends up triggering a crime wave that disproportionately affects African-Americans.”

Watters continued by mentioning that Malcom X warned people about white Liberals. “The white liberal will often pretend to be the friend of black Americans but they only do that to use the black Americans against conservatives … they just use them as pawns, it ends up hurting black Americans,” Watters said.

Watters then noted that Seattle’s City Council President was running for mayor and he did not think she would be any better.

“This is what she proposed to reduce the gun violence. You ready? Programs, from hospital-based intervention strategies to trauma-healing programs. Do you guys know what that means?” Watters asked.  I have no idea what that means. And nobody else does.”

“So Seattle voted for these clowns. At a certain point you have to say, these are the leaders the Seattle people chose, and now Seattle is a shooting gallery,” he continued. “All it is was rain and coffee out there, now they shoot people. What is the point of Seattle if you can’t get a cup of coffee safely and listen to grunge and watch ‘Frasier’? If you go and check Democrat, you get crime. It’s not like there’s an option for a Republican. Next time, vote for the less crazy Democrat.”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan called for more police on Monday after the city saw six shootings over the weekend.

“As a city, we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers,” Durkan said during a press conference. “Over the past 17 months, the Seattle Police Department has lost 250 police officers which is the equivalent of over 300,000 service hours. We’re on path to losing 300 police officers.”